Syllabus of Rune Glifberg

In his masterclass, the professional skateboarder tells you how he has succeeded with tricks that no one before or after him has performed. For those of you who want to further explore Glifberg's expertise, he shares his personally curated list of books and films that have influenced him.


Thrasher Magazine

Published monthly since 1981
"It's the Bible of skateboarding. It's in this magazine that all the best content is found. It's where the latest and greatest projects are communicated, where interviews with your favorite skaters are featured, reviews of skate parks, the newest tricks, usually some art, and an interview with some band... It's all about skateboarding information. I highly recommend subscribing to it."
The American magazine about skateboarding and the world surrounding the sport was founded in 1981 by a group of skateboarders in San Francisco. Today, Thrasher is the best-selling and longest-running skateboard magazine in the world, synonymous with both the roots and constant development of skateboarding.


Wires Crossed

Ed Templeton

Wires Crossed Ed Templeton
Photobook, Aperture, 2023
"First and foremost, I would like to highlight this book because it's made by Ed Templeton, who, in my opinion, is somewhat of an iconic skateboarder from the era I grew up in. Additionally, he is a talented artist and storyteller. In his many travels, he has met people, fans, and pro-skaters, and photographed them. It's a documentary-style photo book that captures many aspects of skateboarding that you may not fully see when looking at it from the outside but are a significant part of the skateboarding world from the inside: road trips, travels, parties, pro-skaters, crazy fans, security guards—overall, incredibly wild and cool photographs of both people who are still here and others who have passed away. I personally know many of the people in the pictures, skaters like Arto Saari, Bam Marera, a guy named Jim Greco, Chad Muska, Elissa Steamer. They are skaters who helped define that era."
American artist Ed Templeton (born 1972) has the advantage of being both a professional skateboarder (double world champion) and a skilled photographer and artist. This book is a combination of Ed Templeton's memories told through photographs, supplemented with interviews, providing insight into the subculture surrounding skateboarding in the 90s and early 2000s, where skaters had almost rock star status as they traveled the world in search of new terrains to practice their art on.


The Art of War

Sun Tzu

The Art of War
Non-fiction, Gyldendal Business, 2015 Original title: 孫子兵法, approx. 500 BC
"It's a book about warfare and strategies, but it contains elements that I believe you can implement in your life, regardless of what you do. I've used it a lot in relation to competitions. In the book, this old Chinese general, who fought battles thousands of years ago, says that you shouldn't let your opponent know how strong you are. It's better to surprise them with something they didn't expect. In a competition, it can be advantageous for the other skaters not to know what tricks you're going to do. I make sure of that by practicing certain tricks at home and not in front of others. You have to be a bit sneaky. For me, having an ace up my sleeve is a deliberate tool in my work. And when I perform that insane trick in a competition, it has an impact because it's unexpected and maybe throws off the others."
Sun Tzu, who lived around 500 BC, was a Chinese general and military strategist who wrote a book on how to win a battle, whether it be in war or any other form of competition. The work, known as "the most influential book on strategy the world has ever seen," has inspired princes, presidents, prime ministers, business leaders, sports stars, and skaters worldwide for over 2,500 years.


Just Kids

Patti Smith

Just Kids
Biography, Klim, 2010 Original title: Just Kids, 2010
"I like this story about young people rebelling. They try to find themselves while wanting to change things. The book has a youthful approach to the world and carries an energy: They don't worry, they don't think about finances, the future, doing the dishes, or when they'll have children. They are free. But they also navigate a rather intense party scene with drugs and such, and all of that is relatable to skateboarding. In that environment, you can find both the rebellion for freedom and the drugs. When I was younger, the skateboarding scene I was a part of was summed up as sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, while also being a creative environment where our artistic expression—what tricks we could do—was the focus. Like Patti Smith and the environment around her, we were pretty carefree, and I find that to be something very beautiful and innocent. For me, drugs were never the main focus, just something that came along, but also something that some friends and acquaintances delved too deeply into."
Patti Smith (born 1946) is an American musician, poet, and more, who has been an inspiration for many women since the 1970s, giving them the courage to express themselves through text and music. 'Just Kids' is considered a masterpiece of a biography and tells about Patti Smith's experiences in the art scene of New York in the 70s, including her relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. They are rebellious and poor but both have a strong artistic ambition.


Video Days

Spike Jonze

Video Days
Film, Blind Skateboards, 1991
"In my opinion, this is one of the best and most authentic skate videos ever made. Many of the tricks performed in it were groundbreaking at the time and are still relevant today. It's a manifestation of what some of the world's most iconic skaters are capable of. It features Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Jordan Richter, and Jason Lee, whom some may know from the movie screen ('My Name is Earl,' 'Almost Famous,' and 'Vanilla Sky,' respectively). I first saw it at ‘Klubben Thomas B. Hejle’ (a creative recreational facility for young people in Copenhagen since 1948) and have probably watched some of the parts over a hundred times, especially Mark Gonzales'. It's just skateboarding! It's the music he skates to: John Coltrane. It's the way he glides down the sidewalk, it's a part that lasts about five minutes, where he just cruises down the street in what looks like one continuous, effortless motion."
'Video Days' is the first film by American director, actor, and more, Spike Jonze (born 1969). The film essentially showcases what some of the world's best skateboarders are capable of on a board and is recognized as an important part of the cultural history surrounding skateboarding. According to several fans, the film is so legendary and packed with sublime tricks and great personalities that it's best enjoyed in smaller doses.



Joel Meyerowitz

Photobook, Aperture, 2019
"I just bought this book and have already flipped through it quite a bit. It's just an incredible photobook. I'm personally very interested in taking pictures and telling stories in that way, more and more in the past couple of years. When I see Joel Meyerowitz's photographs, it triggers thoughts in my head: What happened before and what happened after this moment was captured? It's art on many levels: It's light, compositions, colors; there are many beautiful and interesting things to look at. I definitely prefer looking at books rather than reading."
Provincetown is a waterfront town in Massachusetts where the American photographer Joel Meyerowitz (born 1938) spent most of his summers from the late '70s to the early '80s with his camera. This book consists of portraits of families, couples, children, artists, and other residents in a town where outsiders gather and are accepted. Several characters reappear in the photographs with several years in between against a picturesque backdrop of the sea, sand, and sun.